Episode 15: Brian Kwek, Ian Gregory, Witching Hour Studios – Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

In this crazy-long episode of Buried in the Credits, Phillipe sits down with the fantastic, amiable and charming Brian Kwek and Ian Gregory of Witching Hour Studios, and together they discuss: Singaporean game development culture (holy crap, it’s crazy!), the inspirations behind their development mindsets, and – well – if you’ve not yet listened to an episode of Buried in the Credits, you’re in for a treat. Please, let us know what you think on iTunes!

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Episode 14: The Return of Steve Gaynor, The Fullbright Company – Award-Winning Podcast

In this extremely special episode of Buried in the Credits, Phillipe invites much-loved guest Steve Gaynor back on the show and together they discuss: theatre in relation to level design, psychological labelling theory, and Phillipe’s imminent working on the Gone Home (non-existent) prequel ‘Going Home’… *Recorded at GDC 2013*

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Episode 13: Nels Anderson, Klei Entertainment – Cool Clocks: He Really Liked House of Leaves

In this episode of Buried in the Credits, Phillipe catches up with Nels Anderson, lead designer of Mark of the Ninja at Klei Entertainment, and together the pair discuss: Nels’s possible secret identity as an FBI agent, the design process behind Mark of the Ninja (and how it could have gone very, very badly), and how much both of them love being alive in this amazing world full of wonders. In fairness, the world we live in is pretty awesome, wouldn’t you agree? Please enjoy.

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Episode 12: Marek Bronstring, Freelance – Buried in the Archives

I am sorry. Really, I am. The audio in this file kinda sucks. That being said, I think Marek’s perspective on the industry is incredibly interesting, and I am so pleased that he agreed to come on the show. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to posting the forthcoming GDC specials!

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Episode 11: Steve Gaynor, The Fullbright Company – No One Lives Forever, Deal With It

In this mammoth episode of Buried in the Credits, Phillipe calls up Steve Gaynor – co-founder of The Fullbright Company, and once developer at Timegate Studios, 2K Marin and Irrational Games – and they cover an awful lot of topics. In this week’s show, they talk about: the character background of Charles Milton Porter (lead character in Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den), Steve’s motivations behind ‘Gone Home‘ – the new first-person exploration game being developed by The Fullbright Company – and the episode ends, in a rare twist of fate, with Steve turning interviewer and asking Phillipe why Buried in the Credits exists.

Hold on folks, it’s one hell of a great ride.

*Episode recorded via Skype, hence some audio difficulties. We hope you understand.*

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Episode 10: Dave Gilbert, WadjetEyeGames – They Don’t Have That Many Murders… Anymore.

In this week’s episode, Phillipe has a long chat with independent developer Dave Gilbert – aka ‘WadjetEyeGames’ – about his route into the industry, by way of teaching English in Korea; his thoughts on using online guides for traditional Point ‘n’ Click games; and where he sees the future of WadjetEyeGames being. If you’ve ever enjoyed a recent Point ‘n’ Click, you should listen to this episode. Enjoy.

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*Please note: Unlike previous episodes of the show, this interview was recorded via Skype. Thanks for understanding!*

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Episode 9: Marek Ziemak, CD Projekt RED – Waxin’ Philosophical, Wastin’ Time

Although he makes some silly mistakes – calling this Episode 8 rather than Episode 9; mentioning Red Faction: Armageddon when he means Red Faction: Guerilla; saying ‘sort of’ far too often – Phillipe manages to get a pretty great interview out of CD Projekt RED’s Marek Ziemak. Sure, it’s a short one, but in the 16 minutes, they cover: the futility of game design when the real world offers so much to do; why Eastern European games are always so depressing; and how Marek’s parents changed his life with a Super Nintendo. Enjoy.

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